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The Optrian Marketing Methodology - Part 3 of 3


This is the conclusion of the Optrian Marketing Methodology story, describing a way to establish the foundation for the marketing strategy that addresses journey people take through decision “gates” before they buy. There are three premises in the methodology:


Premise #1:  People buy products or services that have the features they need

Premise #2:  People buy from people they perceive to be like them

Premise #3:  People buy on emotion


The marketing strategies, whether its product marketing, identifying the right product or service; channel marketing, motivating and equipping a channel to sell; or marketing communications, branding and positioning the product, have to address the premises.


The Optrian Marketing Methodology builds marketing strategies and go-to-market plans that address the decision-making journey of the person who is buying and the needs of the people selling to your intended customer.  Customers will journey through three gates before they decide to buy


In earlier installments, the first gate, the Logical Gate; and the second gate, the Similarity Gate, were addressed.  In this chapter, we conclude with the last gate, the Emotional Gate.


Gate #3: The Emotional Gate is 10-20% of the Buyer’s Decision Criteria

So you’re product features and benefits were right on target. Your buying experience and brand really connected with your customer. But you have to get them through the last get, the Emotional Gate, before they’ll buy.  People buy on emotion and the stronger the emotion, the more likely they’ll buy today instead of six months from now.


The Optrian Marketing Methodology helps us to define the emotional triggers that then get woven into words, images, colors, videos, sales pitches, phone scripts, flyers, brochures, ads, offers, etc.  You may need a marketing program that includes developing tools for use at the start of the sales funnel to identify the emotional triggers.  Does your customer have an issue on reducing cost. Pressure for supply to complete a shipment. Anxiety about the timing of a delivery. Fear of getting fired.  Or conversely, could they be a hero, get a promotion, woo a partner, share their joy and love. 


What emotion is played up depends on a lot of factors, and can change over time, but weaving it into the strategy and execution is key. The Emotional Gate is 10%-20% of the buyer’s decision criteria and the last threshold to cross before buying.


So to tell your marketing story successfully, whether it’s to launch or reposition your brand, your product or your service, don’t assume they will come if you build it. Use your marketing budget to create a story that takes your customer on a journey through the three decision gates and puts you on the best sellers list.


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