creor:  to create
reor:    to think
creor:  Creative Thought

Born of the union of creo, to create; and reor, to think; Creor means creative thought. Established in 2001, Creor Group is a thoughtful consulting practice, a flexible creative agency, and a frugal partner in the management of our client's marketing investments.

We use proprietary tools and processes developed in-house,  including the Optrian Marketing Method, to help our clients find their voice and tell it to their customers


The Optrian Marketing Methodology

Creor Group incorporated decades of best practices, successes, and failure analysis to create the original Optrian Marketing Methodology in 2000 and it's still our North Star today.
It guides our storytelling, shapes the research and planning we do, and determines how we optimize a client's marketing budget.  Contact us to learn more and arrange a free consultation.

Optrian: The Three Decision Gates

  • Gate #1:  People buy products or services that have the features they need

  • Gate #2:  People buy from people they perceive to be like them

  • Gate #3:  People buy on emotion

A Talented Network

Our network of individuals and agencies spans the globe with many on the West Coast, including these award-winning partners.

Public Relations

Graphics Design

Customer Research

Our Combined Advantages

Process Driven

Optrian Marketing Method

Our marketing methodology is the way we discover your voice. Through it we define the three legs to your story -- what are you offering, who you are and why does your customer care.

Passport Process

There are many ways to reach your audience. Our time-tested processes provide the framework to keep the team
on the same page as we implement your story and get it in front of your customers.


At times you need a chapter. At other times you need a tome. Whatever we are creating, the virtual nature of our organization enables you to have optimal resources at the right time. It let's us be your marketing concierge service.

We also are flexible in how we interact with you.  We can be your turn-key, in-sourced marketing department with an interim CMO, a project team or gap-fillers when you need resources and consulting not available from your in-house or agency teams. Engagements can be hourly, by project, under retainer or in any combination.


We're a hybrid of consulting and agency resources organized as a virtual team. By using a process to knit our network of talent together, you receive a seamless experience that optimizes your marketing investment. Your team has just what you need, when you need it without the overhead to pay for resources you are not using.

Global Reach

Our agency and individual contractors are principally on the West Coast, but also across the country and around the globe. For global and international clients, our team's diversity enables us to be culturally adaptive as well as sensitive to the differences a headquarters, regional branch or local office might require.

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